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This was definitely a first for me but I would definitely have it done again.
More and more they swirled their tongues, devouring my body and tasting the sweet juices I had to offer but after a short time, their horniness took over.
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His massive ten inch cock stood firmly in front of me.
With a deep breath, I climbed on top of him and started to position his cock at my first entrance.
I slid his penis up and down my waiting slit before pushing it inside.
My hips quickly pressed down, squeezing all of it inside my pussy.
Oh my fucking god, I shouted as I felt my cervix almost rip open with his monstrous length.
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He pulled me back down, letting his huge penis rub against my cervix again.
This time however, he held me down whilst Jamal positioned himself at my second entrance.
I could feel his helmet rubbing against my tight asshole and in a mere second or two; he pushed the entire size of his manhood deep into it.
Two ten inch cocks now impaled my body, making it theirs.
Frozen in ecstasy, they both started to work my body up and down whilst Jamal pushed his cock in and out.
Both of them fucked me like a whore and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Yoga lesbian.

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