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He pulled it down and I held the shoulders so it didn’t fall down right away.
I turned around and looked into his eyes.
His eyes were busy studying my body, eager to see the dress fall.
I debated grabbing my handbag and running out the room.
Part of me really thought about it.
Wait for the right guy.
It wasn’t him.
However, the other part of me wanted to get it over with.
See what it was all about.
Wanted him to be my first.
That side won.
Here goes nothing.
I slid it off my shoulders and it fell to my feet.
I stood in front of him wearing not much.
His eyes explored me, examined my curves.
I’m nowhere near skinny like his ex-girlfriend.
But we did have something else in common.
His eyes focused in on my over developed chest. Woman pants breda sugarbaby date .

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