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Who is jonathan bennett dating now.
I will remember I have to follow her instructions to the letter.
I looked across at Susie who looked back and smiled, in sympathy I thought, but she also knew how hard Zoe spanks.
I mind was diverted to the thrashing I was about to get as soon as Zoe’s hand started to rub my bottom, round and round in circle’s, scolding me in the same tone her Mother uses, before she gave me several spanks, which I have to say stung, whilst continuing to scold me and spank me at the same time.
So you had a laugh did you Dad, making Mum spill her sandwich on the floor? she said without any break in the spanking.
Sorry Zoe I found myself saying.
Flippancy didn’t seem very appropriate, or clever.
Zoe’s spanking was already hurting and whilst I knew I was really in for it I didn’t want to aggravate her any more than she already was.
Sorry indeed she spat, giving me a series of harder spanks whilst continuing her scolding.
She landed regular firm spanks, all around my bottom, no gaps, just spank after spank.
This was a spanking being given very seriously.
Within just a few moments I wasn’t giving any thought to how old Zoe was nor that she was my daughter.
I was just trying to cope with the onslaught.
My bottom was stinging.
Zoe regularly caught the tops of my legs and those spanks were extra stingy, drawing a gasp from me as I struggled to handle what I realised was quickly becoming a thoroughly uncomfortable spanking.
I knew tears were filling my eyes and felt the dryness in my throat as I started to sob.
Zoe was spanking me unabated, as though her hand never got sore, until after what must have been several minutes there was a gap in the constant rain of spanks when she rubbed my bottom.
I was crying.
Zoe kept rubbing my bottom and then asked am I getting through to you yet Dad? I tried to answer but I was crying too much.
As the rubbing continued I calmed down a bit, at least enough to hear Susie say I’ll just be a few minutes Zoe, you keep going.
I saw through my wet eyes Susie leave the room and remembered what she said about when Hannah and Zoe were spanking me and Jeff.
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