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Serious excitement though, would probably have been a better description of what she was feeling.
She tried to swallow but had trouble.
In a very small voice she suggested, So it’d be okay for me to wear this again, then.
She paused, looking down at herself, and demurely added, Of course if I did, I’d need to wear some underwear, at least panties.
Back to playing games again, Bob observed.
I’m sure I’d like it better without, but, uh.
he hesitated, then added, That’s really up to you, knowing full well what she really wanted.
Sandy used her hands to smooth out the filmy material covering her naked body.
She looked inquisitively at Bob and asked, So I wouldn’t have to wear underwear.
not if I didn’t want to.
Uh, no.
Bob replied as he studied the fullness of her breasts.
Not if you didn’t want to.
Sandy’s eyes widened.
The pretending appeared to be over.
And now? It’s okay for me to stay the way I am.
without the underwear.
Uh sure.
that’s okay with me, Bob replied as he focused his gaze between her legs .
Sandy parted her legs slightly.
Well, she said, Can we at least have the light off? Uh, yeah.
sure, Bob said as he reached for the switch and flipped it off.
He returned to his chair, still not taking his eyes off Sandy.
When he was seated, Sandy began slowly, Let me ask you then.
She pulled her legs up on the couch, pointing them away from Bob whose chair was several feet away, over her right shoulder. Updating database using dataadapter.

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