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Here I was with this stunning girl, a girl I called my best friend for many years now, with my hard cock in her hand, something that I always wished would happen when I was a boy.
I moaned in a girly tone, which caused Jamie to look at me and smile.
“Do you want to feel like a real girl, Meghan?” “Mmmm, yes please, Jamie.
” She climbed on top of me and pulled my dress off.
I was on my back now only wearing my bra and stockings with my cock, or clitty as Jamie called it, rock hard.
Jamie got naked as well, only keeping on her stockings, and caressed my body.
I returned the favor.
My hands wandered all over he body, caressing her back when Jamie took off my bra.
Her lips wandered to my nipples, gentling nibbling on them which caused my dick to twitch.
I fondled her breasts and kissed Jamie’s neck.
“Mhmm, good girl,” Jamie purred.
“You love being my little girl, do you, Meghan?” “I love being your little girl.
” I completely gave in to her.
I was in complete submission to this hot girl, letting her do everything she wanted to me.
To get a girl like her you would have to bring your A-game, but here I was being seduced by her.
Jamie slipped down between my legs caressing and kissing the inside of my thighs.
Her mouth wandered towards my cock.
I was sure I would get a blowjob from her now but it wasn’t to be.
Out of sheer instinct, I reached for my dick wanting to stroke it but Jamie swished my hands away.
“No no no , you naughty girl. Thai man sex with white girls.

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