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I want you now, Gil, she desperately pleaded.
I spun her around and pushed her on to the hood of her car.
Mandy spread her legs as I undid my zipper and pulled my cock out of my pants.
I lifted her short skirt over her hips and grabbed her hair with my left hand.
I pushed her panties aside with my cock and pressed it against the wet opening of her pussy.
How do you want me to fuck you, Mandy? I growled.
Fuck your whore hard, Sir, please, she begged.
I slammed my thick cock inside her, just as she finished her sentence.
I grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her head back.
I began to fuck her fast and hard, closed my eyes and grunted with every thrust.
It had been far too long since my cock tasted Mandy’s delicious pussy.
Mandy came quickly and I came shortly after her.
My cock filled her with cum, as her pussy clenched it and quivered in orgasm.
We were both startled by a loud blast of a car alarm.
Our fucking set off Mandy’s car alarm.
We laughed and quickly fixed our clothes, got in her car and drove off.
I woke up early the next day and went to my bathroom to shave and shower.
When the hot water hit my cock, the shower filled with the scent of the sex I had with Mandy the night before.
My cock began to stiffen and grow.
I wished that Mandy was with me.
After my shower, I unpacked my luggage.
I glanced at the neatly wrapped gift I had gotten as a birthday present for Mandy and decided I would attend her party. South bend indiana women that want to fuck.

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