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My tight pussy clenched up, as it just couldn’t take anymore.
“Ted, you are making me cum,” I cried.
So many good feelings came, that I sparked a few tears.
His hand, and the bed were splattered.
All the wetness was admired, as we cuddled again.
You are some kind of man, I said.
He positioned himself on top of me again, and our arms wrapped around each other.
Our lips met for a great while.
After that, his eyes glared at me.
Were you setting me up, Jane? By sunbathing naked? he pondered.
Would you be mad if you said yes? I asked.
He smiled.
How was it? he was curious about.
Wonderful, I never thought we would actually have sex, but I’m not complaining.
I heard you masturbating, and I wanted to see if you would make a move, I let him know.
It was just a fantasy, and obviously you helped me bring it to a reality.
So thank you, he mentioned.
Your welcome, Tim, I love you, I replied.
I love you too,” he made clear.
How long have you had this fantasy? I asked.
A few months ago when you were in the shower.
I came in to get something, and I don’t remember what it was. Redhead beaver pics free.

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