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I gathered up my clothes and got dressed.
I turned off her bedroom light and locked the front door as I left.
I knew I shouldn’t drive drunk, but felt I just couldn’t stay at Jennifer’s apartment, so I drove back to my place.
I was very lucky I made it home safely.
I took a shower and went to sleep in my own bed, still trying to figure out the twisted scenario with Jennifer that I had just experienced.
I woke up around noon still disgusted with myself and with Jennifer.
Being sober, I felt guilty for cheating on Mary Beth.
Even though it had been with Jennifer, I felt that I had let Mary Beth down.
I knew I had a lot of things to think about.
Soon my cell phone rang and it was Renee, Jennifer’s bisexual law student friend, who was a part-time exotic dancer and escort.
Renee said she had something to tell me that I needed to know.
She sounded very serious.
She asked if I had eaten lunch.
I said that I had not, so she said she could pick up a ‘to go’ order at The Taco Stand and come by to see me.
I told her to get me two burritos, rice, chips and salsa, my usual from there. Lesbian latinas having sex videos.

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