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She would look over at David as she was doing this, gaging his reaction.
David was having a tough time eating his own meal.
Things had calmed down a bit by the time the desert came.
Julie had pushed her skirt down and she had finally left David alone long enough for him to finish his steak.
As they were eating their desert, Julie again brought up David’s marital predicament, “You know, I think you’re being a little harsh on your wife.
My fiancé, George, and I met while I was screwing his roommate Peter.
I had been seeing Peter for some time, nothing serious, but we were sleeping together every now and then.
” As if it were a question, Julie said, “You know I like to tease.
” David nodded his head and thought, “Yes, I have noticed.
” Julie continued , “I used to walk around their apartment when George was there with a just a towel or night shirt on.
One time Peter and I got a little carried away and almost did it front of George.
We were in the living room and I was down to my panties and a t-shirt before Peter took me into the bedroom.
I was sort of disappointed.
I think it would have been pretty hot to have fucked Peter with George watching.
” David thought, “Oh sweet Jesus, what next?” Julie could tell she’d said too much.
She continued talking, but tried to shift gears somewhat, “George was paying me more attention than Peter, and he was a lot nicer to me.
He asked me out one night when Peter was busy. Free nude goth girls masterbateing.

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