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Erotic dutch stories.
Once she was free, he began to get dressed.
Jenna slid her top back on.
She found her shoes and socks and put those on too.
However, she was unable to put her ruined panties back on.
Hardown snatched the panties out of her hands.
“Sorry, my dear,” he said.
“I’m going to be keeping these.
You know me.
I always need to have a souvenir after a night like this.
But don’t worry.
I’ll make sure you get a new pair soon.
” “That’s fine with me,” she answered.
Jenna turned around and walked up the basement stairs.
She winced with each step that she took.
Hardown immediately noticed that she was limping.
That sex was pretty damn rough.
As Jenna climbed up the stairs, her skirt bounced up and down, giving Mr.
Hardown a great view of her pussy and ass.
He dashed up the stairs and smacked her ass as hard as he could with his right hand.
Jenna yelped as she felt his hand strike her.
Hardown laughed as he unlocked the door, and both of them left his basement together.
“Remember,” he said.

“You are not to utter a single word about this room.
Or those photos of you smoking pot will be released.
And your cheerleading days will be over.
Do you understand?” “Yes, sir,” she replied.
“I understand.
” Mr.
Hardown smiled.
He knew that Jenna would be forced to keep her word.
The risk of talking was far too great.
Being in control felt pretty fucking good.
“Thanks for a fun night,” she said.
“It’s getting pretty late.
We should probably get going.
” Mr.
Hardown opened the front door and escorted Jenna outside.
She walked over to the garage.
However, Mr.
Hardown did nothing but stare at her gorgeous body.
Jenna turned around to face him.
“Hey, you’re going to give me a ride home, right?” she asked.
“A ride?” he asked.
“Oh no, my dear.
You have been a very naughty little cheerleader.
So, as my final act of discipline tonight, I am going to request that you find your own way back home.
” “But it’s really windy!” she cried.
“And it’s cold! And I’m not wearing any panties! What if
” “Hey, it is dark out,” he said.
“I’m sure no one will be able to see what’s between your legs.
” As it turned out, Mr.
Hardown was completely wrong. Erotic dutch stories.

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