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Caught fetish stories.
Then one last push and her hand slid inside me! I gasped as my pussy swallowed her whole hand! Carefully she tucked her fingers into a fist making sure her fingernails were pointed inward and sucked my clit as her fist began to rotate in circles deep in my pussy.
I had never felt anything like it in my life.
I gasped and moaned, a long quavering groan of joy as I felt my whole vaginal area being stroked and excited from deep within my body.
God, it felt like the largest cock in the world was fucking me.
Gina’s knuckles ran over my cervix and I exploded in a roaring climax that had me screaming in ecstasy, with Gina trying to move her hand around as fast as possible.
My body bowed upward and I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them in the ecstasy of passion.
I think Gina almost came herself as she watched me climax, and the vaginal sphincter muscles clamped down her own wrist.
Gina managed to somehow keep her mouth in contact with my thrusting hips, sucking and tonguing my clit till I reached another, and then another climax, one following on the heels of the other in lightning speed.
Finally, I cried out for her to stop – I could take no more.
I fell back spent.
Gina laid her head on my heaving stomach then slowly and carefully, slid her hand out.
She moved her head slightly and watched fascinated as the fiery red opening slowly closed.
She dropped her mouth to the opening and slid her tongue inside, and felt it close around her tongue.
She sucked gently and tasted the hot, salty juices that had accumulated there.
I shuddered with delight as she sipped the sweet juices from my pussy.
Gina then moved upward to lie beside me and kissed my cheek, while I gasped and caught my breath.
Gina’s hand stroked my breasts softly and gently.
I finally was able to turn my head and kiss her beautiful lips, gently and softly, tasting my juices.
“Oh, Baby, that was so wonderful.
” I paused a long moment and a lovely smile lit up her face.
Gina’s body pushed against mine, and I knew she was very excited and needed release.
I kissed Gina and began to stroke her inflamed body.
I kissed her lips and slide my tongue sliding inside her hot mouth, then slowly kissed down to her full firm breasts and sucked the hard nipples to longer points. Caught fetish stories.

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