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She had a personal project to take pictures of the walts of larger animals.
The what? I never heard the expression ‘walt’ before, where did it come from? Mack’s curiosity was also piqued.
John smiled.
I picked it up from the photographer.
She used the term to describe the erect penis of large mammals.
I asked her why and she said something like ‘Penis is a weak word for cock’s over 7 inches plus you can’t seriously use the word ‘cock’ in a PowerPoint presentation.
’ She said that one picture of an erect member and her describing the ‘walt’ as being 24 inches long is all it took for an audience to know what the word meant.
I asked her why the word ‘walt’.
She said that while she was shopping in an African bazaar, a man was trying to sell her a wallet.
In his South African-accented English, he said the walt is made from the skin of an elephant’s penis.
She bought the penis skin wallet for her husband and she used that word ‘walt’ ever since.
I stole it from her.
Oh, that is a cute story.
Every time I see Mack’s wallet, I will think of this.
And probably every time I see his walt, too. Xdangelo urdosex.

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