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Oh thank goodness.
Fuck! The slave’s tongue swims into Ashley’s desperate pussy.
Oh Fuck me.
This will all be over soon and I’m finally going to cum! Eager to please Mistress, the slave wiggles and licks every warm, sensitive inch of Ashley’s sex.
Ashley can feel the waves of an unrelenting orgasm start to throb deep inside her.
Oh fuck! I can feel it! The pulsing surge of delicious sensations flowing through Ashley’s cunt, ass and belly, begin to change her.
She can feel herself losing control over her remaining senses, over her willpower, over her sanity.
Her body begs for release, while at the same time, craving more torment.
She feels like a slut.
She feels like a slave, like a dirty object.
Her holes moisten and drip as she feels the most basic urges inside her, growing.
Ashley screams loudly.
The tension building in her body is trying to get out any way it can.
Ashley’s tight, little asshole loosens, hungry for its punishment.
The metal plug now slowly sinking into the cute girl’s naughtiest orifice.
It feels less awkward now and much more pleasurable.
“But you, slut… you are not to cum.
” Mistress’ words cut straight into Ashley’s soul.
No! No! That’s not fair! I… I can’t! I need this! I can’t take this! “But, Mistress!” Ashley squeals, desperately in protest.
The slave focuses her tongue directly on Ashley’s clit with an evil amount of skill.
Ashley drools uncontrollably as she’s tongue-fucked. Whorns arag seexwed com.

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