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Yes, yes, yes, Maria, tongue that clit as the hot chick you are: the one that can please any woman at any time.
Lick it hard, lick it so damn hard that I have to splatter your face, sweetie.
” I kept at it and made her feel good.
No one said a word for some time after that, but both Rose and I made the two MILFs moan, breathe heavily and jiggle a bit too.
My fingers stayed on her pussy lips and caressed them for some time.
I desired to pleasure her well, but not too well so to speak.
I had no idea at the time if I’d ever have sex with Kate again, but right then I just wanted to make the sex last for as long as I could.
We looked directly into each other’s eyes and into one another’s souls too.
With each passing hit from my tongue on her pussy walls, I felt just a little bit more love for her.
Nothing and no one could take it away, and it couldn’t have been more evident that we all loved each other more in a family like way.
After another couple more minutes, I felt a finger on my shoulder.
I let my tongue out just enough so I could peek over towards Rose.
I noticed that her hand was out, and then I nonchalantly grabbed onto it.
We held hands as we ate out one another’s moms.
It seemed as if we needed to be closer, but we didn’t, so it was just more incing on the cake.
It seemed just to be the intense love and intimacy that made us love each other even more.
I did notice that our moms scooted slightly closer to each other so we could move closer to one another too. Swingers club falmouth michigan.

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