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Umm…er, she stuttered.
Allie, out with it, Jenn impatiently commanded.
Inhaling deeply, Allie began to speak.
Do you remember that night we were a little drunk and we talked about being with a woman? Yes, Jenn said softly, thinking, Oh God where is she going with this? Looking into Jenn’s eyes, she began, Well, ever since that night, when I am by myself I fantasize about being with you.
The minute I saw you in that dress I felt myself moistening.
Oh, shit, Jenn.
I want you to be my first woman.
Allie, I don’t know what to say.
I have been thinking about being with a woman and I really feel comfortable with you and you are my best friend and you are absolutely gorgeous and…” Reaching towards her, Allie put a finger to Jenn’s lips, signaling her to stop chattering and said, Jenn, I’m going to kiss you now.
If you don’t like it or are uncomfortable just stop me.
If you like it, just relax and we’ll see where it goes.
Before Jenn could respond, Allie leaned towards her.
As their lips met, Jenn thought, Wow, this really feels different.
So unlike any kiss of a man. Real girl in port arthur please.

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