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And let’s suppose I notice the way you talk to me, not as a clerk, but as your partner in getting through the day’s hearings.
I notice it .
And I notice that you are the consummate professional, never giving in to your temptations.
Always by the book.
I was silenced by her remarks.
She knew.
She knew exactly what was inside of me.
Let me make it easy for you, Alex.
Let’s suppose I didn’t want to go by the book.
Let’s suppose we have ten minutes left of this recess.
What would you do with that time? You’ve made your decision on the case, and all you need is a few minutes to breathe before going back in to hear submissions on costs.
We have ten minutes.
What if I…? Her voice trailed off, and I watched as she let her robes fall to the ground.
I watched as she removed her court tabs from under her collar, and then as she unbuttoned her court clerk’s shirt, one by one from the neck down, and then as she removed her shirt, revealing the ample breasts I had only ever seen constrained in her official garments, now simply held in place by the skimpiest of bras, black and nearly see-through.
We have ten minutes, Alex.
And you’re the judge.
If you need fifteen, it is up to you.
Alicia, I’m not sure this is right.
If we get caught, both of us could… The doors are locked.
We won’t get caught.
We have nine minutes now.
What if I…? Again she left me hanging, her voice fading as she leaned towards me and rested her face next to mine.
Her lips softly touched my cheek, and her hands caressed my hair, bringing my head closer, and turning my face toward her, a light kiss on the lips following.
Eight minutes.
Are we just going to let the time pass, minute by minute, or are we going to speed it up, filling each minute with more than we could imagine? Her hands reached inside my unbuttoned waistcoat, and she pulled me up, to stand next to her.
Her hands reached behind me and grasped my buttocks through my pants, and she pulled me in closer.
Seven minutes, she said, as her hands moved to the front of my pants and unbuttoned them, then unzipped them, and then in a smooth, almost planned movement, she pulled both my pants and boxers down to the ground, leaving my erection standing hard and proud, rising up and pointing to the ceiling. Pawg belly.

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