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She knew he was close to spilling everything he felt about her and she wanted so badly to hear it but, every time he got close to telling her, he’d just freeze up.
She hated it.
“But I know, that I.
I want you,” he said.
Months had pasted since Sarah and Holly the little movie.
Their love grew stronger everyday they spent together, and the sex was like going to heaven each and every night.
Sarah knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life; Holly.
The week before valentine’s day, Sarah went to the jewelry store and bought Holly the most magnificent proposal ring they had.
The perfect engagement ring.

On valentine’s day Sarah took Holly to Beau Chattuo, an italian resturant.
“Sarah baby why are you so nervous, did I do something wrong?” Holly asked Sarah replied by saying that she never did anything wrong.
Holly continued to eat her dinner.
When Sarah and Holly finished eating their dessert.
Sarah got down on one knew and said ” Holly I have know you for my most of my life, you are my best friend.
You have seen me through my best and my worsts.
I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so Holly will you marry me?” Holly started to cry, nodding her head jumped up and kissed Sarah.
THE WEDDING Holly looked into the mirror and smiled.
The mirror was tall as she was so that she could see herself fully in it.
She looked beautiful that day.
Why shouldn’t she? All brides look beautiful on their wedding day.
Her dress was of the purest white with a bell hoop skirt that came out from her waist and slowly went down to the floor in a bell shape.
The top slowly dipped down in a slight curve so that it slightly showed off her wonderful cleavage.
The sleeves were hanging off her shoulders.
Roses adorned the little white bands of the sleeves that hung gently on her shoulders.
She looked stunning.
Her skirt was pure white, with lots of tulle under it.
Her train was long and flowing behind with a rose that attached it to her dress.
Roses slowly flowed down the train and matched the ones on her sleeves.
She looked stunning.
And the red rose bouquet that she held matched her dress beautifully. Mocca111 cam2cam iphone jasmin chat.

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