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As we passed by Mrs.
Kravitz, I asked if her neighbor was always so nosy.
Veronica asked which neighbor and I said, “You know, that older lady with the scowl on her face, the one in the second building.
” She laughed, “Scowl? That’s Miss Toni, she is the defacto neighborhood watch.
When we first moved in, I saw her watching us so I went and knocked on her door to introduce myself.
She wouldn’t answer.
Another girl who used to live here, the one I went to meet for lunch that day.
” I interrupted, “The stupid bitch?” Veronica laughed.
“Yea, the stupid bitch, that’s her.
Anyway, she told me that Miss Toni was a little touched in the head.
We’ve been here close to a year and I have never spoken to her.
Jonah will make funny faces at her but she never changes her expression.
” I loved that Veronica felt so comfortable with me, after all, we really didn’t know each other and only three weeks ago, she still wasn’t sure if I was a serial killer or not! Love in peatling parva.

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