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I was excited to see that Wendy hadn’t wasted any time, and had already unzipped Ken’s trousers and had her hand inside his pants fondling his cock.
My darling, I said, you have been so busy lately, I thought you deserved a nice present.
Why don’t you and Wendy go upstairs to the bedroom and get to know each other more intimately? I will be up later to see how you are getting on, and gave them a knowing wink.
As soon as they had disappeared from sight into the bedroom, I went into the study to call one of my male lovers for an hour or so of telephone sex.
When he answered and I explained what I had in mind, he asked me to hang on for a minute so that he could tell his wife who liked to listen in to our sessions on an extension in the bedroom.
While I was waiting, I unbuttoned my blouse, removed my skirt and panties and sat back in my husband’s big leather armchair facing a large mirror on the wall with my legs apart so that I could play with my pussy.
When he came back online, he asked what I was wearing, and when I told him I was naked from the waist down he said that he wished he could see me but that he would make do with the naked photograph of me with my legs apart he kept in a frame on his desk.
In my most seductive voice, I told him to take his cock out and start stroking it while I described all the deliciously naughty things I would like to do to him. Italian girls in leavenworth.

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