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I didn’t see what it said on the packet, but I could see that it was a thin gold chain with a little clip on each end.
A finishing touch he said, and took one clip and pinched it onto my left nipple.
I gasped.
It was slightly padded, but it still stung a bit.
Then he clipped the other end on my right nipple, so the chain hung down between my breasts.
Is it ok? he said.
I nodded.
It pinches a bit, but it’s kind of nice, I admitted.
I wobbled my tits, making the chain swing.
That is so fucking sexy, he said.
I looked down, and I had to agree – it was the perfect finishing touch, and made me look like such a slut.
He knelt next to me and began to kiss up my leg.
It tickled, but I couldn’t do anything.
I rattled my arms, getting into the fun. Horney teen girls tempe ohio.

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