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Well, let’s make it hotter, I replied, as I pulled him down with me to kiss him.
We made out for about five minutes straight, and we both wrapped our arms around each other.
He was wearing boxers, but it still felt like he wasn’t wearing anything.
His cock poked out through his boxers a bit.
So, do you have to tell me when we are gonna have sex, or is it just a whenever? Travis wondered.
Do you wanna have some ‘good morning’ sex, Travis? I wanted to know.
I do, as a matter of fact, Travis leered.
He got off me, and took off his boxers, as I reached for a condom.
I took it out of the package, and I put it on his cock.
Already he found me irresistible, and he just wanted to make love to me.
Are you really this horny, because of me? I wondered.
Well, have you looked at yourself naked lately? Travis wanted to know.
Maybe, I replied, as he got on top of me.
He inserted his cock into me once again, but not too deep right away.
Your pussy is still a little tight, mom, Travis said.
I know, but maybe you can help, I replied.
He began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly. Free online dating chat.

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