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She looked at me with lust.
Then she started rubbing and teasing her hard pink nipples.
I reached for her pants and pulled them down to her knees.
Then I pulled down her panties.
I brought my tongue to her beautiful furry pussy and licked the edges.
“Oh,” she gasped.
“It’s been so long.
” “Since a woman went down on you?” I asked.
“Since ANYONE went down on me,” she moaned.
I started licking her cunt.

Wendy’s ass wiggled back and forth on the leather seat as I ate her pussy.
I teased the clit with my tongue and teeth.
I pushed my thumb inside her and swirled it around.
She started squealing loudly.
“Yes,” she cried out.
Just like that.
It’s been so long!” I kept my eyes on her tits as she played with them.
Wendy kept her eyes locked on mine.
I ran my tongue up and down her slit.
I fucked her with my thumb.
Her thighs started to quiver.
“Oh Betty,” she cried out.
“I’m going to come.
” She put her hand on top of mine.
I pistoned my thumb in and out of her hot pussy.
And then she climaxed.
Her squeals were loud enough to hurt my ears.
When she was finished, I joined her on the bench.
We kissed one another hungrily.
Wendy reached behind my back and unclasped my bra.
My huge titties spilled out into her hands.
I pulled her lips to my hard nipples and she suckled them like a hungry baby.
She put her hand between my thighs and pushed my panties aside.
I could feel the cool breeze on my freshly shaved pussy lips.
Wendy plunged two fingers into my gash.
I felt them pumping in and out of me.
I kissed her neck and shoulders as continued sucking my tits.
“Fuck me, baby,” I pleaded.
“Fuck me hard.
Make me come.
” Wendy finger fucked me harder.
“Don’t stop,” I pleaded between short breaths.
“Fuck me, baby.
Don’t stop.
” She sped up.
I felt her teeth pulling at my nipple.
I threw my head back and called out her name.
And then I started to come.
I clenched my thighs tight on her hand.
I could feel her fingers buried deep inside me.
My entire body shuddered as pleasure washed through me.
Getting off did nothing to cool me down.
I only wanted more.
I was still catching my breath when there was a hard knock on the window.
We both jumped. Free localhookup no cc nedded.

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