Dating while waiting for annulment.

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Dating while waiting for annulment.
I wrap my right leg around his hip as he hooks his arm under my left leg and lifts it.
The change in position opens me up more to feel him completely inside me.
I toss my head back moaning in pleasure as I clench around his shaft, the movement making him groan.
The sound of our bodies coming together are mixed with our moans and groans.
Breath getting shallow and our hearts pounding, as my legs tremble…I can feel myself getting closer to that orgasmic edge.
I throw my arms out to the sides, gripping the comforter in my fists as my body tenses up.
He lets go of my leg and grabs my shoulder so he can pull my body into his thrusts, knowing exactly what sends me over the edge.
Oh god baby, I’m going to cum.
I pant out as soon as my body lets go.
My muscles clamp down on him when he thrusts completely inside of me.
His groan of release spurring my orgasm on even harder.
My body starts trembling as he falls on top of me with his quick breaths filling my ear.
I wrap my arms around him, stroking his sweat slick back and the back of his head.
Smiling contently at his weight on top of me and the feel of his throbbing cock nestled inside me.
Mm, it’s always good with you, girl.
He says as he pushes off of me and heads to the bathroom.
I roll over on my stomach and grab my wipes so I can clean myself up before sliding under my sheets.
Watching him through the open bathroom door I grin to myself.
Even sweaty and out of breath, he is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.
And it’s not just his looks, but it’s how I feel when we are together.
He makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.
When he looks at me it’s like I’m the only one he ever thinks about, but I know deep down that is not the case.
He strolls over to the bed and slides into be next to me, getting comfortable by putting his hands under his head.
As he shifts one leg out of the covers I move over and lay my head on his shoulder.
Resting my hand on his chest while I tangle my legs in to him, I look up at his face.
That’s when my head decides to chime in again.
It’s always me embracing him.
I’m always the one to initiate contact if it’s non-sexual. Dating while waiting for annulment.

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