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After we got out of the car, I led Debbie around to the trunk to show her what I had brought with us.
Here, check it out.
You’ll like this.
I said as I popped the trunk open.
Gary, you didn’t.
She answered.
Oh, yes I did! I showed her a case of beer I had stashed in the trunk.
Here, give me your bag.
I said.
She somewhat hesitantly handed me the big woven bag as I proceeded to take out the sandwiches and replace them with two six packs.
I figured the sandwiches could be carried out in the open easily enough.
Here, carry the sandwiches.
I’ll take the bag.
I told her as I handed her the food.
I closed the trunk as we began the walk to the beach.
When we got onto the sand, we both removed our shoes.
The sand was hot on the bottoms of our feet, but we soon made our way down by the water.
The damp sand felt cool and soothing on our bare soles as the ocean waves lapped across the tops of our feet.
We proceeded to walk hand in hand past the crowd sunbathing on the surf.
We knew where we wanted to go.
About fifteen minutes later, we had walked well past the end jetties and found our relatively secluded spot that we held so dear. Ceiba gay puerto rico.

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