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Let the courting begin! A-a-a-a-a-nd nothing! Hunky Josh was sitting six inches away from sexy Mandy the Slutty Nurse – she of the seated hemline that barely covered her panties – and what did he proceed to do? Absolutely! Fucking! Nothing! Worse, The Octopus was a bust.
I swear it was around when my grandparents were young.
I mean, it’s not for little kids, but it just doesn’t stack up in the excitement stakes anymore.
What this ride would be good for is to let young lovers canoodle together and pretend to be scared, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen.
All of the breathless excitement and the yelling and screaming was melting away.
I was out of ideas and thinking that our trio of thrill-seekers was going to break-up, but Mandy grabbed us both yet again as the ride finished.
Come on! Enterprise! she commanded, leading us to the only one of the three rides that we were yet to try.
I don’t know about the others, but I was an Enterprise virgin; I don’t like any ride that goes upside down, they’re just a bit too scary.
This one is a giant, flat, spinning wheel with gondolas around the outside.
As it builds up speed, an arm lifts the wheel from horizontal to vertical, so while you start out just turning in flat circle, you’re soon lurching ass-over-elbows in sickening loops.
I almost didn’t go on, but I was so caught up in the fun of playing with these kids that before I knew it we were running down the entry race and it was too late to Continue reading →

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Shannon broke the kiss, biting her lower lip.
Come on baby, she said to Lisa, I want you to sit on my face.
It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to taste you.
Shannon and Lisa kissed again, then Lisa swung her leg over my wife, straddling her and facing me.
Lisa pulled up on the hem of her dress, pulling the tight fabric up over her ass so it bunched around her tiny waist.
I could see Shannon reach her tongue out, giving Lisa’s slit a long, slow lick.
Lisa shuddered.
Oh fuck baby, it’s been so long since anyone’s done that for me, even longer since I’ve had that sweet tongue of yours work me over.
Lisa involuntarily began grinding her hips, trying to rub her pussy on Shannon’s tongue.
Lisa’s moans were already turning into screams as when I grabbed her and kissed her hard.
Lisa continued to moan into my mouth as I kissed her hard. Continue reading →

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Dating while waiting for annulment.
I wrap my right leg around his hip as he hooks his arm under my left leg and lifts it.
The change in position opens me up more to feel him completely inside me.
I toss my head back moaning in pleasure as I clench around his shaft, the movement making him groan.
The sound of our bodies coming together are mixed with our moans and groans.
Breath getting shallow and our hearts pounding, as my legs tremble…I can feel myself getting closer to that orgasmic edge.
I throw my arms out to the sides, gripping the comforter in my fists as my body tenses up.
He lets go of my leg and grabs my shoulder so he can pull my body into his thrusts, knowing exactly what sends me over the edge.
Oh god baby, I’m going to cum.
I pant out as soon as my body lets go.
My muscles clamp down on him when he thrusts completely inside of me.
His groan of release spurring my orgasm on even harder.
My body starts trembling as he falls on top of me with his quick breaths filling my ear.
I wrap my arms around him, stroking his sweat slick back and the back Continue reading →

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Dreams of him fill the void when I sleep alone tonight.
Clenching my pillow as if I am able to hold on to him.
Only when I reluctantly open my eyes do I know, the erotic tryst is gone and it was just a tease.
Every time I have to leave the words in my heart silently scream but are lost in tearful good byes.
There are no tears tonight only a sexual desire so raw that it burns from inside.
It is begging to be satisfied.
I long to feel the ecstasy only he has made me experience.
Unbeknownst to him, he has been both my lover and teacher.
The quiet of my dark bedroom echoes loudly with the beating of my racing heart as I fantasize.
It has awakened my entire body.
It will have to Continue reading →

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After everyone blew a couple loads and had their fill he stayed behind, getting really nasty.
He didn’t know I was watching.
Once he had her alone he was fisting her so fucking hard that she started whimpering, which seemed to turn this kid on even more.
The verbal abuse too, ‘You’re a worthless cunt, I’m gonna make you suffer.
‘ Well after a while I had enough and threw him off the boat.
I nurtured her back to being ok though and talked her down.
I assured her you were fine, just sleeping, and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.
She swallowed Continue reading →

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Denarau island girls fucking. And still I search for words enough To tell of things sublime; Of your iridescent monuments That test the will of time, Paying tribute to tradition While defining art anew.
Each stroke upon the paper is One tiny part of you.
We both slept all through the night, I guess really hot sex will do that to you.
I woke up first, at I think around 10:00 or so.
I got up completely naked and went to the bathroom.
I thought he’d wake up by time I got back, but he was still sleeping.
I was still horny though.
I thought about waking him up so we could have sex again, but I decided not to.
I however, saw his laptop, and I decided to get a better look at Scott fucking his mom.
Even I would admit that she was a total MILF.
I didn’t wanna wake him up just yet, he needed the sleep.
So, I just slowly grabbed his laptop, knowing the DVD was still in the drive, and went into my room.
I set it on the bed, and turned it on.
As I was waiting for it to boot up, I just decided to get things started: I began masturbating.
I spread out my pussy lips a little Continue reading →

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Yes, she would write a letter for me he told himself and Spencer was happy about that.
So now I’ve got to go to a few of the other teachers he said aloud.
The others were a little on the messed up side as far as he was concerned.
The first two had already agreed to write the letter, which he thought was odd, but happy anyway.
Okay, so that wasn’t so messed up but one teacher, well she was fucked up, or so he thought she was.
He expected to make love with them all but that only happened with one of them.
It was the third one who wanted something in return.
Yes, she did.
She was one fucked up woman or so he thought she was.
Close in age to Angela, all she seemed normal to him, at first, but all she wanted was a man’s cock, and she wanted it inside her pussy.
She also wanted it inside her mouth.
No love, no intimacy, all she wanted was good hard sex, and all she got was one hard fuck too.
He made no personal connection to the teacher.
She really didn’t care.
All she needed was what she wanted.
He came, they fucked, and that was that.
That was all she required.
That was all she needed.
That was all she got.
Of course, he did it well, but Spencer being Spencer never enjoyed just sex alone.
Anyone can go in and get hard and fuck a woman he believed.
Anyone can do that, he told himself after the fact.
Spencer was a rather intelligent guy but that never showed on Continue reading →

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Interracial marriage relationship.
Biting, nibbling and fingers fucking me, it wasn’t long before all my sweet juices had left covering my lifeguard’s face and hand.
It was too much to take.
I had to sit down, never have I had an orgasm like it.
Catching my breath I looked up.
He was better looking up close.
I wanted to run my hands down his amazing body.
I’d never imagined that he would do that to me and never had I imagined it would have taken place in the steam room.
I wanted to ask why here and why now but before I had the chance he stuffed my mouth with his huge hard cock.
Taken by surprise I did only what I knew to do, suck.
Sucking nice and slow, I swirled my tongue around this monster while cupping his balls in my hand.
He liked it, a moan escaped his lips.
Picking up the pace I got deeper and faster with my sucks while stopping now and again Continue reading →