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Then again, maybe she didn’t want to be denied what her sister had with him behind the casino.
Could she be seducing him? he fantasized.
It didn’t take long to find out.
Kelly cleared the table then strolled toward the bedroom pulling her sweater over her head and dropping it on the floor.
As she opened the bedroom door, she reached back to unhook her bra letting her pendulous breasts fall gently on her chest.
Kurt was not far behind.
His dream was about to come true, but not exactly like he had imagined.
As he watched her undress, he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt.
With her panties sliding down her slim perfectly shaped legs, he was in awe of her plump round ass and modest hips.
When she turned to face him, he focused on her smooth shaved pussy and amazing tits.
She gave him a wink and said, “Mr.
Dellafore, I’m going to have to strip search you to see what kind of gun you’re holding.
She helped him unbuckle his pants and pulled down his briefs.
His cock stood out as erect as a flagpole when Kelly dropped to her knees, took him between her sweet lips and down her throat.
She looked up at him and said, “You’ve got just the kind of concealed weapon I was looking for.
I think I’m going to have to hold on to it for awhile.
” Then she applied her oral skills until tasting his precum.
Jumping into bed, Kelly pulled Kurt on top of her saying, “Fuck me like a whore, Kurt.
Fill my hungry cunt until it bleeds cum,” she demanded.
Without giving it a second thought, he penetrated her slick pussy and began pounding into her hard and fast.
It seemed he couldn’t bang her fast or hard enough.
She kept crying out for more.
“Harder, Continue reading →

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As we passed by Mrs.
Kravitz, I asked if her neighbor was always so nosy.
Veronica asked which neighbor and I said, “You know, that older lady with the scowl on her face, the one in the second building.
” She laughed, “Scowl? That’s Miss Toni, she is the defacto neighborhood watch.
When we first moved in, I saw her watching us so I went and knocked on her door to introduce myself.
She wouldn’t answer.
Another girl who used to live here, the one I went to meet for lunch that day.
” I interrupted, “The stupid bitch?” Veronica laughed.
“Yea, the stupid bitch, that’s her.
Anyway, she told me that Miss Toni was a little touched in the head.
We’ve been here close to a year and I have never spoken to her.
Jonah will make funny faces at her but she never changes her expression.
” I loved that Veronica felt so comfortable with me, after all, we really didn’t know each other and only three weeks ago, she still wasn’t Continue reading →

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Casual encounters cannobio. Are we really going to talk about my sex life? Geez, I guess so.
I did have a girlfriend a few months ago, but I always get so nervous and awkward around girls that they end up dumping me before we get to do anything.
So, you’re a virgin? She eyed him curiously.
Someone, anyone, just shoot me now and be done with it.
Yeah… That’s embarrassing at my age, huh? Not at all.
I Continue reading →

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I wanted to see how far things could go with Megan so I agreed.
Natalie had her car so she took Alice and Chelsea and a guy Alice was keen on named Steve in her car.
Megan and I went in my Beamer and they followed me.
I drove slowly down 880 so they could follow and took the turn-off up the hillside to my house overlooking San Jose making sure their headlights were always behind me.
We all got together in the living room and I opened the sliding glass doors onto the deck to give a panoramic view of the city looking towards San Francisco and the mountains.
I took Megan into the kitchen to get some beer and wine and a deck of cards.
Megan moved up towards me and put her arms around my waist.
John, you have a really nice place.
Thanks for being so nice Continue reading →

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She would often attempt to hide the screen but I could tell she was on porn sites.
You could always tell those.
God knows I had been on enough myself.
One thing I noticed immediately the first day.
She was not about to change clothes with me in the same room, either in the bedroom or in the living Continue reading →

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I was so close now.
Sue pressed the vibrator hard against me, and I came, crying out as everything shone in front of my eyes and fireworks burst inside me.
It was probably the best orgasm I’d had in ages, and I couldn’t stop shaking.
As I began to come down to earth, Sue sat up and turned to face me again.
Kneeling up, she shoved the still buzzing vibrator inside her own vagina, and frigged herself with it while her other hand rubbed at her clit.
I watched as she too came with a shuddering cry of pleasure, the vibrator slipping out, wet with her juices.
Whew! I was still trying to return my breathing to normal as I realised that Sue was unbuckling the restraints on my ankles, then my wrists.
My arms in particular were aching a bit, but not enough to stop me throwing my arms around her and hugging her, our bare bodies sweaty with post-orgasmic perspiration. Erotic massage Continue reading →

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Small tits let me worship them.
Surprised me, but I liked it.
David said, and then shook his head as he admired her.
The whole thing still seemed unreal.
Katrina looked at his half-hard cock and let out a sexy growl.
She sat up and leaned forward to wrap her hand around him.
Oh, you’re so much bigger than Gary, she breathed.
He had just enough time to wince from that comment before she slurped him between her lips and made him forget all about it.
David stiffened in her mouth in no time, and she let him go with a final slurp as soon as he was completely hard.
I need it.
Sit down, she breathlessly demanded while pulling on his arm.
He barely had time for his ass to hit the cushions before Katrina stood up and turned her back to him.
She squatted down to guide his cock inside her before leaning back, and sinking down on him.
Her velvety soft walls squeezed him tight as she sat down on his cock.
She was even tighter, hotter, and wetter than he could have imagined.
After a groan and a wriggle of her hips, she pumped her knees and started riding him.
David let out a stuttering groan as he slid in and out of her, little squishing sounds from her saturated pussy accompanying her vocalizations of pleasure.
He reached around her to squeeze her breasts as she slid a hand between her legs.
Oh, your cock feels so good, Katrina said as she bounced a little harder.
Does my pussy feel good on that big cock Continue reading →

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She looked down to unhook the button on his jeans, and slowly pulled down the zipper.
A quiet moan escaped her as the zipper parted to reveal the outline of him beneath his boxers.
She tugged down on his waistband a moment later and said, It’s gorgeous.
David groaned again as she wrapped her fingers around him.
She looked back up at him when he opened his eyes and asked, Does that feel good? Oh yes.
Katrina tugged his pants down Continue reading →

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John spoke first.
That was hot.
Everybody feel right about that? That was hot, Mack echoed.
Mary brushed a few stray hairs out of the way.
John looked at them both.
That’s what happens when everyone is engaged.
That might be the result of three bottles of wine, too.
I can open another one of you like.
John was willing to take this further.
I am good, Mary said, better than good, actually.
Really good, as a matter of fact.
Me, too, John, I’m going to sound like an idiot this one time.
I can do this with you.
I mean I want to do this with you.
Pleasing Mary, I mean.
Mack paused a moment more before continuing, I was always sure intellectually that I wanted to do this but now I know that emotionally I want this to happen.
Me, too.
That was so hot.
I’m vibrating all over.
Mack, I mean ‘what the fuck, Mack’, I want this.
I want both of you.
I am so wet.
John nodded.
Excellent, I felt it, too.
It looks like we’re compatible as a threesome.
It doesn’t always work out especially if there is timidity or jealousy in the mix.
This is a good time to test another boundary or maybe I should say ‘cross Continue reading →

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Still, this whole concept of you being obedient to him, of him taking control of you, and that you find that somehow satisfying… it all has a little bit of a weird sexual vibe, don’t you think? What!? No, it’s nothing like that! It’s just a job, something I get paid to do, and I want to do what he requires.
She paused Continue reading →