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Take turns squirting.
Her wet pussy was right there! She put a hand on it and looked at me from between her legs, her face upside down and her hair touching the floor.

“Do you want to see it?” she teased.
“Fuck yeah,” I blurted out.
I wanted to fuck it and eat it! She moved her hand away and put a finger between her pussy lips, moving it along her slit, and slowly pushed it inside.
She moaned a little and started stroking it in and out.
“Get your cock out,” she instructed, ” and stay sitting there.
” I broke the zipper on my pants I yanked it so hard.
My cock flew out, pre-cum running out of the swollen tip, and strained against the air.
“Jerk it off,” she demanded, “but cum on yourself only.
or no more fun.
” It took four pumps for my swollen cock to explode.
Streams of cum flew over my shirt and dad’s tie, some hitting my chin, as I pumped it furiously while watching her finger her pussy.
She let out a groan as the rest of my cum ran over my hand and down my shaft.
I kept moving my hand, the slick cum greasing my pole, as the last few spurts ended.
She stood up and smiled.
“Now that we have that out of the way, we can have some real fun,” she said excitedly.
“Go shower, rest for a bit, and come back up here when I call,” she instructed, “and do not touch yourself.
” I got up from the couch and hurried to the shower, leaving my clothes on the stairs and floor on the way, and jumped in.
As the water poured over me I couldn’t wait to get called upstairs. Take turns squirting.

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