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Your boy, Kyle is also Kylie.
He too dresses up as a girl and plays around with his sisters.
They all fuck themselves silly when you go away on the weekends.
Michelle also joins in and they all have weekend long fuck-fests.
The girls do their makeup, and help with their clothes and they all go out together to clubs, restaurants and malls, with Michelle and Kylie dressed to the hilt as slutty girls.
” I was speechless.
“Are you positive?” Michelle spoke up, “Sure, I join them every weekend, and yes, your Kylie is bisexual.
I have fucked him in the ass and sucked his cock dozens of times, and he has done the same with me.
Your daughters are really hot too, they are bi as well, they eat each others pussies and we all fuck each other.
Sorry, but it’s true .
” I was in a fog, but then it hit me, “I think I’ll wait till next weekend, and then.
” I attend a gym frequently, although not as often as I would like, or as often as I should.
Whilst they have a section of exercise equipment set aside for just females if they want it, the usual routine is for males and females alike to use any parts of the gym with the obvious exception of the changing rooms.
As usual for most gyms, there was a strict “no physical contact” rule, not that I ever heard of it being enforced.
On this occasion, I had used the apparatus for my routine, and as is my custom, had changed into my bikini for a spell in the sauna, followed by the Jacuzzi.
The sauna was next to the showers at one end of the room containing the swimming pool, and the Jacuzzi was at the other end.
As it was still early evening, most of those in the gym were younger members, many students from the local University.
Being in my late forties, I was one of the older members there.
In the sauna, a lot of chat went on, and with the men in just shorts and the females normally in just tiny and very revealing bikinis, a lot of flirting and suggestive banter took place.
Even though I was the “old lady” of the group, I found many of the young men still showed quite a bit of interest in me.
Then again, so did some of the girls, which I did nothing to discourage. Step mom massage.

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