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A table for two please young lady, the first woman said with a confident smile.
She caught Lana in a stare from her deep blue eyes and for a moment Lana could not look away.
The lady was clearly strikingly attractive, between her early to mid thirties, and possessed a natural air of authority.
The lady pulled her hat from her head hardly breaking her stare at Lana, and she shook her dark hair free around her shoulders.
Then she reached up and her long red nails worked at the buttons at the top of her coat.
Lana glanced quickly at the second lady who was looking around the tearoom.
She was slightly shorter than her companion but a similar age and again she was pretty.
She looked at her friend and followed her lead in removing her hat and coat.
The two women wore short expensive looking summer dresses which clung to their hourglass figures; one was orange and the other cream.
Their legs and arms were bare and tanned golden brown.
Lana gently took the wet raincoats and hats and hung them up on the coat rack to dry.
Follow me please, she half whispered, and she led the two ladies to a table at the back of the dimly lit room.
They took their places facing each other and Lana turned to fetch menus.
She was nervous.
As she returned she dropped the menus and they fluttered to the floor close to the woman’s feet.
Lana dropped to her knees and scrambled after them and both women looked on with amused interest.
May we smoke? the first woman asked.
You’re not allowed, Lana began and the woman arched an eyebrow, but
but as no one else is in, you can, if you want to.
I don’t mind.
The woman smiled.
Only, please put them out if anyone comes in, Lana stressed, or I could get into trouble.
Oh, the woman replied with obvious amusement.
Well, we wouldn’t want that would we? She passed a cigarette to her friend and flicked a lighter to the tip.
Her friend leaned forward and drew hard on the cigarette to light it, blew a ribbon of blue smoke into the air above her and the first woman did the same.
Lana rose up and passed the menus to each of them, aware they were toying with her.
What would you like ladies? she said, with an edge of annoyance evident in her voice. Naughty wife hardwick.

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