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For example? How about the spit roast position? Mary will be on her hands and knees and, Mack, do you have a preference to be in the front or the back? Whatever you pick I will get in the other position and we will see if we are simpatico or not.
It is better to know that now rather than Saturday.
This will be semi-CFNM as Mack and I have our aprons and underwear on.
Do you both know about Clothed Female Nude Male arrangements? Good, because this is like that, sort of.
In an actual spit roast, one of our cocks would be in Mary’s mouth and the other in her pussy.
Sorry to be so graphic but other explanations don’t convey the raw fact that Mary is servicing two men as they high five or fist bump each other.
It is a guy thing but it is about Mary taking pleasure from both.
John looked at both of them.
Shall we try it? Mack and Mary look at each other for a moment.
Let’s give it a try, Mack.
We have our clothes on.
Well, I do anyway and you and John do for the most part.
We will be doing more than this in a week’s time.
Ok, John, but don’t be an asshole. Michelle rodriguez nu de.

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