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I grin in sympathetic response, wrangling my mass of curls into a barely-contained ponytail.
Seasick? I ask, and he nods in time with the swaying boat.
Why are you out here if it makes you nauseated? Sometimes things are bigger than you.
Have to put aside your own comfort for the greater good.
Nico is the main cameraman on this project , a fellow supporter of animal rights, equal participating activist, and Elizabeth’s right-hand-man.
The fact that he gets motion-sick and still comes out here is admirable.
I wish my motivations were half as noble, I say, and he laughs.
Your work is far more important than mine, Michelle.
Besides, I wouldn’t wish an unbalanced equilibrium on anyone.
Oi, there you ah, Hansen says as he approaches us.
I’m still trying to guess where his accent is from: New Zealand, South Africa, maybe.
Suppa’s ready.
I hate leaving the deck of the boat, afraid I’ll miss a sighting.
It’s dark enough now, however, that my eyes are straining anyway, the new moon no extra help.
Heading below deck to the main cabin, I follow Nico with Hansen right behind me. Memorial funeral home edinburg tx.

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