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The pain swirled around her bottom.
The next swish was followed by another fierce stinging pain across Elizabeth’s bottom.
It was unexpected.
It hurt.
She cried out.
Tears flowed.
Emma glanced across at her mum and saw the tears.
She knew the next stroke must be for her.
Sure enough the next swish was followed by a searing pain and Emma gasped out loud.
She usually lost her self-control after 6 or 7 strokes and dissolved in to tears, and today was no different.
Hannah loved to hear the sobbing and crying, and to enforce those feelings she brought the cane down hard again across Emma’s bottom.
Elizabeth was sure the next stroke will be hers just as Emma relaxed being sure her mum’s bottom will be the target.
So it came as an awfully painful shock to Emma to feel yet another stroke, her head jerking upwards, her mouth opening to let out a loud cry.
Hannah Bentner was enjoying caning the two of them this way.
Two naughty bottoms, neither sure who was going to get the next stroke, both tensing her bottom, both making herself ready.
She was sure that the not knowing was horrible.
Even when the cane bit in to the other’s bottom there was a natural sympathy for the other’s pain.
As momentary as that sympathy was before they let out their own cry when the cane bit in to their own bottom.
Both Elizabeth and Emma soon realised this was worse than being the only one caned.
There was an added dimension, one of uncertainty.
Which is exactly what Miss Bentner liked about it.
The next stroke was for Elizabeth, and she yelped again.
The stroke hurt more than the previous one.
She wasn’t to know but Miss Bentner gave an angled stroke, right across several other strokes.
The teacher knew it would hurt.
Even so, when she raised the cane again she aimed it at Elizabeth once more, angled the other way.
Elizabeth shrieked this time, her head jerking back.
Emma got the next stroke, her sixth and final stroke.
Emma knew it was her last stroke and breathed easily.
Elizabeth had not counted, so didn’t realise that all three strokes to come would be for her, including the extra two strokes she had earned for lying.
Miss Bentner gave the 36-year-old the first stroke across her sit spot and loved the loud shriek that followed. Mature wife swapping video.

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