Interracial marriage relationship.

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Interracial marriage relationship.
Biting, nibbling and fingers fucking me, it wasn’t long before all my sweet juices had left covering my lifeguard’s face and hand.
It was too much to take.
I had to sit down, never have I had an orgasm like it.
Catching my breath I looked up.
He was better looking up close.
I wanted to run my hands down his amazing body.
I’d never imagined that he would do that to me and never had I imagined it would have taken place in the steam room.
I wanted to ask why here and why now but before I had the chance he stuffed my mouth with his huge hard cock.
Taken by surprise I did only what I knew to do, suck.
Sucking nice and slow, I swirled my tongue around this monster while cupping his balls in my hand.
He liked it, a moan escaped his lips.
Picking up the pace I got deeper and faster with my sucks while stopping now and again to flick my tongue against the head of his cock.
My did he taste good, I could feel myself getting frustrated again.
Looking up I could see Cliff’s head lean back with pleasure which I took as a good thing so I picked up the pace even more.
Faster sucks, deeper and harder, I could feel him getting close.
Just as he was about to blow he pulled out of my mouth.
I was shocked he stopped but before I had time to think about it I was pushed onto my front, hands on the wall and legs spread.
My breathing got heavier, wondering what to expect, and before I knew it, my swim suit was pulled to one side and my pussy was filled with his hard, throbbing cock. Interracial marriage relationship.

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