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Paul asked David if he had an extra swim suit he could borrow.
He didn’t, but before he could answer, Julie said they had plenty of towels and that was all they would need.
Julie got Paul a towel and said he could change in the courtyard next to the hot tub.
David went to his room, stripped down and wrapped a towel around his waist.
When Julie came out of her room, she was wearing a large beach towel, tied together at the top, just above her breasts.
The overlap of the towel was right down her middle and the towel reached almost to her knees.
David was shocked that she was really going to be so modest.
Julie and David stopped in the kitchen to make the drinks.
In the courtyard she handed Paul his drink and then climbed into the tub.
The only light was from the kitchen but David could tell that as she got in she gave Paul a quick look between her legs.
David set his drink on the edge and climbed in.
Taking the only seat left in the tub put Paul and David on either side of Julie.
Paul and Julie almost immediately started kissing.
Then they added a little discreet touching here and there.
Finally, lust overcame them.
Their hands rapidly explored each other’s body.
Julie climbed onto Paul’s lap and straddled him.
Their most intimate parts were still separated by their towels, but that wasn’t going to last much longer.
David had been quietly watching them but it was getting increasingly difficult for him to keep his hands from between his legs. Girls naked from jenkinsburg georgia.

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