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I wanted to see how far things could go with Megan so I agreed.
Natalie had her car so she took Alice and Chelsea and a guy Alice was keen on named Steve in her car.
Megan and I went in my Beamer and they followed me.
I drove slowly down 880 so they could follow and took the turn-off up the hillside to my house overlooking San Jose making sure their headlights were always behind me.
We all got together in the living room and I opened the sliding glass doors onto the deck to give a panoramic view of the city looking towards San Francisco and the mountains.
I took Megan into the kitchen to get some beer and wine and a deck of cards.
Megan moved up towards me and put her arms around my waist.
John, you have a really nice place.
Thanks for being so nice tonight.
I was really a bit down after this week and you were so nice to me tonight and I’ve had so much fun.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.
Megan leaned forward on her toes and gave me a light kiss on the lips.
I was a bit flustered and my head was spinning at this turn of events.
I could just taste the light hint of cherry lipgloss and I wanted more.
Shit I wanted this girl badly.
She may only be 21, but she was turning me on like a woman with many more years of experience.
I wanted to pull her body into mine and kiss her passionately.
I wanted to rip her top off and put my hot mouth on her nipples.
I wanted to let that pleated mini skirt drop to the floor so I could pull her panties down and gently lick her pussy. Cougar lovers dating.

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