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Vitually dating with adrianne.
She looked down to unhook the button on his jeans, and slowly pulled down the zipper.
A quiet moan escaped her as the zipper parted to reveal the outline of him beneath his boxers.
She tugged down on his waistband a moment later and said, It’s gorgeous.
David groaned again as she wrapped her fingers around him.
She looked back up at him when he opened his eyes and asked, Does that feel good? Oh yes.
Katrina tugged his pants down farther, until she had completely revealed him.
With that, she looked up into his eyes and sank down to her knees.
Without losing eye contact, she leaned in to kiss the tip, causing it to twitch away from her lips.
My god, Katrina, David said as she took him in her mouth.
He’d never felt anything so hot or soft as her lips and tongue caressing him.
She took him slow, and deep, moaning around him, causing his muscles to twitch from the unbelievable pleasure she gave him.
Katrina wrapped one hand around the bottom of his shaft and cupped his balls in the other.
Her head bobbed faster, causing her luxurious, dark brown hair to bounce.
His hands came to rest on her shoulders, helping to support his already weak knees.
It had been far too long, and David knew that he was going to explode after only a few more quick sucks.
He tried to fight it, but he knew that the battle was over before he’d even formed a plan of attack.
K-katrina, he said as he pushed on her shoulders.
Katrina groaned around him as she resisted his attempts to push her away.
Her hands quickly moved behind him, holding him in place as she sucked him even faster.
David sucked in a loud gasp, and the deep breath emerged as several clipped grunts as he reached the point of no return.
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He didn’t even have time to finish his warning before he erupted in her mouth.
Katrina slowed down, her moans growing louder as he filled her mouth with cream.
David twitched and gasped as she drained him dry, in shock from just how many spurts of hot cum she was pulling from him.
At last, she released him with a satisfied moan, and licked her lips.
She stood back up and leaned in to whisper in his ear, That was so good. Vitually dating with adrianne.

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