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Now it was my turn.
I strapped myself into the cuffs and waited for him.
I looked down at myself, my black lace panties with matching black corset, I would pay for being clothed but I wanted to.
The cuffs were slack on my wrists, I knew they would soon be tightened.
I looked behind me at the table of toys and my wetness grew in my panties.
The door opened, I turned my head sharply to see him as he entered, dressed all in black and his top clinging to him to show off his impressive arms.
A smirk touched his lips for a second and then vanished.
Naughty girl.
You are not prepared for me.
This is going to take a little while.
My heart pounded in my chest with excitement.
He closed the door and walked towards me, as his green eyes burning on my body.
His face was inches away from mine, he drew his nose to my neck and up my cheek, inhaling, and leaving a wake of goosebumps.
You smell like a slut, a dirty slut.
He grabbed at my hair roughly with his left hand and pulled me into a kiss, his tongue probed my mouth as his right hand kneaded my arse.
Just as quickly as it had started he pulled away leaving an aching in my groin and the coarse impression of his stubble on my face.
Hmmm, what to do with you my little slut.
He said as he traced a finger along my panty line and hooked it into the crotch, just softly enough to brush against my throbbing lips.
He knew I was wet and that I wanted him.
I knew I was not ready, I needed to be punished for the brazenness of being dressed in his presence.
He pulled off my panties and inhaled my sex as he moved down my body; feeling his breath that close to my pussy ever fibre in my body wanted him inside me.
He stood and slowly unclipped every hook on the front of my corset.
His knuckles moved slowly up my stomach and brushed delicately between my tits.
When he finished, he let the corset fall to the fall with a gentle thwack.
He took a step backwards and looked me up and down, I was completely naked in front of him.
My white silky tits waiting to be touched by him and nipples standing to attention.
As if he read my mind, he cupped my left breast and thumbed my nipple. Top 10 dating sites in canada.

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