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We set up the little belongings we brought and turned on the transistor radio.
Debbie and I sat there in the sand just holding hands for some time barely saying a word.
We were just enjoying the gorgeous blue sky adorned with puffy clouds that hung like cotton candy over the crystal clear blue water.
The gulls sang their own special tune as they hovered overhead, sometimes passing so close it seemed you could reach out and grab one.
After a while, I reached into the bag and took out two beers.
I opened one and passed it to Debbie and then opened one for myself.
Where we were sitting was for all practical purposes invisible to the other beachgoers because of the position of the jetties.
After a few beers, we headed into the water and had fun splashing each other and bobbing up and down in the waves.
As Debbie’s bathing suit top got wetter , it just seemed to hug the curves of her perfect breasts just that much tighter.
Don’t think it went unnoticed.
A couple of beers later, our splashing and bobbing turned into a full-fledged game of one on one tag. The workshop movie nude scenes.

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