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Once he reached that, he slid a finger in , and I automatically shifted up on my knees a little, spreading my legs.
The sensation was foreign and a little uncomfortable, but as he worked the lube in further and further, I found that I was enjoying myself, adding to the arousal keeping my cock almost painfully hard.
Eric pushed a second finger in, and shifted up to his knees behind me, hooking the fingers inside me and using them as leverage to pull me up a little higher.
I must have gasped, because I heard him chuckle a little.
“Feels good doesn’t it?” he murmured.
“Ever had anything up your ass?” “A finger, once or twice,” I admitted, grateful for the darkness as I felt my face flush.
Mary had only tried it twice, and I was still embarrassed to admit I liked it a little.
This, though, was entirely different.
Those fingers were about to be replaced by something a lot bigger.
He made a noise of approval, and slid out.
There was the sound of tearing foil, a condom wrapper I guessed, and a second later he was pressing the blunt head of his cock against my lubed asshole.
It hurt a bit as he pushed in, and there was a moment where I could hardly breathe as I felt his head pop through the ring of muscle, but he stayed still to let me accommodate, and my body relaxed again with a slow exhalation.
Eric took that as a signal for him to move again, and kept pushing at a steady pace until I felt his balls come to rest against mine. Pinay mature.

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