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We often used my parent house as a rendezvous because my mom taught school during the day and my dad was away at the farm, the house for most times was empty.
We entered the house quickly, wearing nylon runners short with no underwear and strap sandals, that showed off her beautiful toes, I lifted and without hesitation carried her to my old room.
I still had stuff at home, it was still a place I could escape to, when I needed to get away from any of my other women.
She was hot and ready as I threw her on the bed, and after eating her juicy pussy for a while I mounted her and rode her till I came like a bull.
With a twinkle in her eye she got up and left, no need to dress as I never removed her shorts opting instead to slip in through the side of the leg band.
I’ll see you later at my place she said before kissing me goodbye.
I lay on the bed for awhile before showering and heading back to work.
The only downside was, now I had to stay a few extra hours to compensate my friend who covered for me.
Later that evening I played squash at the club where I saw Jackie again, we played a few sets and I coached her till close, then I followed her back home.
Once at her place we showered together and I soaped up her lithe body paying specially attention to her small and perky breast , her nipples stiffened and I closed my lips around them, my hands continued to soap between her legs as she stroked my prick.
Gently, she told me to wait, so we dressed, had dinner and a few beers; while she waited on a phone call.
Sometime later the phone rang, I lay across the bed reading, while she nonchalantly massaged my ass as she conversed with her husband.
Muttering something about needing to turn the computer on she walked to the den which was adjacent to the bedroom, she motioned for me to follow her; as she continued to talk business on the phone, giving numbers and assorted data.
Then looking at me she silently mouthed.
get on your knees! With the crook of her finger she motioned to me to crawl over to the desk Swinging the chair around she exposed her pussy; then pulled me forward, pressing my head into her musky womanhood. Jeff corwin and balls nude.

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