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We lay there looking into each other’s eyes and kissing until I felt myself shrinking and slipping out of Nina.
I pulled my hips back and Nina gave a small shriek and dashed to the bathroom.
The door didn’t shut completely and I could see her sitting on the commode as she let as much cum as she could run out of her.
I grabbed my T shirt and mopped up as much as I could from the bed.
When the light to the bathroom was turned off I watched Nina walk to my bed and stop.
Would you like me to stay in your bed tonight? I held my arms out to her and she fell into them.
As she curled up next to me she looked into my eyes and said, I did not think about my…time, and I hope I am safe from making a baby.
It’s OK, I had a vasectomy two years ago. Hustler turf sport.

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