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Fucking prick was living off me for years, she replied.
I have an inheritance.
Oh, same as me then, I said.
You see this house, and you have seen my income from the office, so you know I could not afford this place.
It was my grandmother’s.
She designed and built it.
She was an architect in Toronto.
Oh wow, she said.
We are both lucky that way.
Indeed, it seems so, I replied.
Fucking prick thought he could get Algema Chemicals, she said.
That’s what the fucker probably thought.
May I sit next to you? I asked, bringing a glass of water from the kitchen.
Yeah, she replied.
Sorry to be so fucked up.
She drank the water, put her head on my shoulder and was instantly asleep.
Within a few minutes, she was in deep sleep.
I lifted her up carefully and carried her into the downstairs spare bedroom.
I turned down the bed and carefully undressed her down to panties and bra.
Then I covered her up with a sheet and put on the fan on a low setting.
I sat there watching her sleep, and I loved this strange and mysterious woman who was my receptionist more and more by the minute.
She was beautiful, perfect sexually, smart as they come, and I could not help but think that she was way more educated than she let on.
After some time, I got up and went to the kitchen, still thinking about Sophie and wishing it was me who was her husband.
I made a quick stirfry and put some aside for Sophie to eat later.
Then I went to my study and did a bit of work on a paper that I was writing with a colleague at the university.
I must have been there for three hours, concentrating on the research results, and re-running some of the data analysis just to be sure.
My butt was getting sore, so I stood up, and there was Sophie, standing in the doorway in bra and panties, watching me.
My goodness, I said.
You are beautiful when you wake up.
How are you feeling? I’m sorry for being all fucked up, she said again.
I feel better now that I have sobered a bit and had a sleep.
I have been unable to sleep, and I think I was drunk for two days.
It’s okay, I said.
You are much better off without that man.
Yeah, I know, she said.
You know, I was never drunk in my life until this week. Granny phone dateing number.

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