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Tom sat on the stool, unable to rise without displaying the swollen bulge an his pants and the wet spot that his precum had made.
“What about.
?” he said.
Sarah left quickly.
The store manager was looking at her now and at Tom.
There were others looking as well.
She walked out into the parking lot.
Clouds were gathering and the wind was blowing and her dress swirled up around her, impossible to hold down even if she wanted to.
She didn’t try.
“Let them look,” she thought.
Many did.
The drive home was long , five orgasms long, to be exact.
When the rain started she pulled to the side of the road and stripped off her clothes.
In spite of the rain other drivers could see in the windows as they passed, honking their horns in appreciation.
Sarah drove slow.
She was a safe driver and didn’t want an accident while maturbating.
She pulled into the driveway when she got home.
It was dinnertime and most of her neighbors would be eating.
No one could see her from the street.
There were no houses that could see her back door except for the one next door.
She got out of the car, naked and walked slowly to the back door.
“One Mississipi, two Mississippi.
” She took her time digging her house keys from her purse.
When they fell from her hand she bent almost double to pick them up.
Sarah went inside and closed the door.
She closed her eyes and leaned back against the door.
She’d seen the curtain in the neighbor’s kitchen window move as she’d driven up, seen it move again as she had walked to the back door and seen it move once more as she entered the house. Gina carano boob.

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