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His warm fingers instantly melt the icy cold I’d felt from the apartment and I find myself arching into his hand, wanting his touch more and more, needing to feel his heat deep within me.
Fuck you’re so beautiful, he whispers hoarsely into my ear as his hand pulls and squeezes my nipple, his teeth grazing along my neck as his body presses me harder against the wall, his hips grinding his jean covered erection against my shorts.
Tim! Someone could see, ahhh, fuck we’ll be caught here, I mutter between moans.
My body is so responsive to him it’s scary, it’s as if he knows exactly what to do to make me weak.
No man has ever made me feel so out of control, especially not over my own body.
But I want people to see Bethany, I want them to be sick with jealousy as they see my hands touch your skin, my teeth graze you, my cock slipping into your delicious wetness.
I want them to see me own you, mark you.
I turn my head slightly, searching the hallways for signs of life, praying that no one, especially Kelly, will see me making out and practically dry humping Sicko 23. Freaky chats.

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