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Erotic entertainer review.
Mack, this is an adventure in your marriage.
Both you and Mary could not be with a better travel guide than me for an adventure like this.
I hope you will see that soon.
Let’s move over to the exercise mat.
It is easier on our bodies.
John began to organize them.
Mary, get on all fours and spread your knees wide.
Head up, please.
Mack, in the front, Mary, I will be behind you with my hands holding your hips and pushing against you gently like this.
Put your mouth against that bulge in Mack’s apron.
Mack, you might want to guide her head or pull her hair.
John’s covered cock settled against Mary’s jeans and Mary’s mouth settled into Mack’s groin.
That was the precise moment when desire expressed itself.
John got hard.
Mack got hard.
Mary felt them both get hard.
Mary felt herself get wet.
She pushed forward into her husband’s apron-covered groin; his covered and erect cock was against her mouth.
His hand gripped her hair in a controlling manner.
Her breasts swung free in her clothing.
With his erection in her face, Mack flexed his thighs and hips to make his cock bump Mary’s lips. Erotic entertainer review.

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