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Oh, baby, plunge it deeper into me, oh, God, what a delicious cock, Jim-dandy!! %%%%%%%%%%% These recurring sounds didn’t mean Mary was pretending.
On the contrary, they reflected wholly a natural girl.
Benigno also accompanied her, moaning, and tried to smother his moans, notwithstanding a big pleasure.
Mary, on the other hand, was about to reach another orgasm, her body squirmed deliciously, thinking the old man would come soon.
Probably had already come? As Benigno noticed the girl’s slowing down her rhythm in her hips, and breathing was no more erratic, took his chance to withdraw.
He got Mary’s body turn around face down, slowly, to part her legs.
He again introduced his piece of meat within Mary’s wet cunt after had positioned the chick on doggy style her ass in the air.
She took action at once, with her cunt fighting back with more energy and pushed backwards, trying to match his strokes, thrusting against the cock sliding in and out herself, touching her clit at the same time.
Again, Mary began to scream, those shouts were heard all over Benigno’s property.
Nonetheless to say, they both were enjoying, and the old man rammed her relentlessly, provided that she begged for more.
Benigno poked a finger into her anus and this made her to get another gorgeous climax.
She looked as if passing away, but the smiling bitch was apparently being fucked wonderfully by the old man.
Benigno turned her on her back, again, and poked his thick finger into the cunt and sphincter at the same time; her long legs resting on his shoulder, when suddenly, she closed her eyes.
She was wondering where the hell an old man with silver hair got such strength.
Definitely, her husband’s love had been too poor, compared to this dude.
Her couple only fucked only once a week and rarely made her getting an orgasm.
Don Benigno continued to stroke her ass cheeks, as the chick gave up… oh, she felt a sharp pain inside her ass and rushed to open her eyes with urgency to see what this was… darnit!! This fucking old guy is nailing my asshole!! She thought.
I can’t endure this, but Benigno suddenly stopped and said: Hey, look at me, you’re my woman now, don’t you see, darling? Ebonyy grannies naked chubby.

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