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I froze, my heart in my mouth as my sister-in-law marched into the room with a scowl on her face and stood looking down at me.
“You know it is wrong to waste your seed like that,” she said and then her mouth broke into a smile before saying, “You should never let a drop go unused”.
With that she dropped to her knees and removed my hand that was still in place on my cock and placed her hand there instead.
I was speechless as I felt the unfamiliar hand grip my cock and begin to pump it.
I watched mesmerized as she lowered her head to the tip of it, her hair cascading onto my belly and then I could could feel her hot breath as she opened her mouth and took me in.
It was like a lightning bolt had hit me as her mouth surrounded my cock and began to slide up and down it, sucking at the same time.
Needless to say, I was so aroused and unprepared that I exploded immediately into her mouth, shuddering as I felt the cream spurt from the tip of my cock.
It happened so fast, my mind was whirling with incredible thoughts, shame at having done such a deed but straight away realising that it was okay as she gobbled my seed down as fast as I filled her mouth, she obviously did not mind.
I was embarrassed too at having cum so fast, but her next words, as she dropped my cock from her mouth reassured me.
“Well now, now we have got your trigger happiness out of the way, we should talk, or rather I should talk and you should listen”.
She climbed on to the bed and straddled my groin so she was facing me.
It was only now that I noticed what she was wearing, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that she had on the purple bikini.
I did not dare look too closely as she began to say.
“I know you are a hormonal young man and I am well aware of what you do up here.
I know where you hide your magazines and I notice that some of the pages seem to stick together.
I also am aware of when I sun bathe that you are watching me, just because I have my sunglasses on does not mean my eyes are closed.
I could easily tell what you were doing up here yesterday and I must say I feel very flattered.
After two having had two kids, a woman feels a little vulnerable about her body so it is nice to have a good looking young man find me attractive enough to excite him so much. Dating kentville nova scotia.

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