Dating down looks.

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Dating down looks.
CJ turned her head and as our eyes met we held each other’s gaze as I watched Roger slowly thrust his cock in and out of her.
She whispered something into Roger’s ear as he fucked her and as she looked at him I could barely make out her quiet words, Please.
Roger whispered something back to her with an arrogant smile as he waited for an answer.
CJ gave him a pleading look as she slightly shook her head.
I could read her lips as she finally said ok to him and with a look of submission they parted and walked towards the pool stairs.
I anxiously watched as CJ climbed the stairs.
I quietly moaned to myself as her tiny ass finally appeared as it rose from the water.
She walked several feet to where she had laid her towel.
My dick grew harder as she turned and for the first time I got to see her completely nude.
The light shone off her small wet breasts, illuminated by the few dim lights that surrounded the pool.
A nice patch of light hair partially concealed her pussy.
Our eyes met again and she lowered her eyes with an embarrassed look.
Roger had made her get out of the pool naked, and now it was obvious as to what had happened in the pool.
Except for a few whispers it was quiet as everyone’s eyes were gripped on the nude twosome.
She wrapped the towel around her covering her tiny breasts.
Our eyes met again as she walked past me.
I watched her as she strode back to her apartment with Roger, the towel barely long enough to cover her little ass as it peeked out from under it as she walked.
After a while only few of us remained around the pool area.
Most were residents at the complex.
The discussion was mostly about Roger fucking CJ in the pool and her getting out completely nude.
I had to wait until my aroused dick relaxed before I could stand.
I had gone into CJ’s apartment to get the few remaining partiers another round of beer and I decided to walk down the short dark hall to their bathroom.
I could hear CJ and Roger fucking in her room and after I came out of the bathroom I decided to move closer to her door when I noticed it was not completely closed.
I gently pushed the door open a few more inches and watched as they fucked, Roger on top of CJ, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he thrust hard into her. Dating down looks.

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