Dating archaeological deposits.

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Dating archaeological deposits.
Well, just take things one step at a time, I said.
But I am here for you, and I am sure Tessa and Tarryn will be as well.
Thank you, she said, hugging me despite being naked and fresh out of the shower.
When her bare breasts pressed into my chest, I got an almost instantaneous erection.
She felt it.
Sorry, I said.
My body has a mind of its own.
I like its mind, she smiled for the first time in a while.
“You want a long tee shirt?” I asked.
“You can wash your clothes and I will throw them in the dryer.
” Okay, she said.
Damn, I’m hungry now.
Don’t know when I ate last.
You are in luck, I said.
I made a stirfry, and I left some for you.
That is nice of you, she replied.
No man ever cooked for me before.
Well, I only knew one man, the one who is in jail.
I got a guest toothbrush out of the cupboard and gave it to her.
In case you want to brush your teeth, I said.
Are you planning to kiss me? you asked with a wink.
Erm, ahem, erm, I said.
It’s okay, she said smiling.
I was hoping you would.
Even in my distraught state, I kept thinking about kissing you.
Not sex.
Let me get you a tee shirt, I said, going to my bedroom closet, leaving Sophie to brush her teeth.
I came back with a long tee shirt for her.
Sorry, I don’t have any panties, I said.
Too bad, she said.
You would look cute in panties.
We both had a giggle, and I was so glad to see her feeling so much better.
Come and hug me before I put it on, she said.
Please! She almost looked ready to cry when she said please, and I grabbed her and pulled her close.
Her naked skin against me was amazing, and I rubbed her back a little.
Come, let’s get you fed, I said.
She put on the shirt and we went back downstairs.
Somehow, her wearing the shirt with nothing underneath it made her look sexy and vulnerable.
Yet I knew that there was nothing about her that was vulnerable most of the time.
She was a strong woman.
I dished the stirfry for her and warmed it in the microwave.
I gave her a glass of sparkling water to have with it and sat down at the table with her.
Would you like some coffee? I asked.
Oh, that would be orgasmic, she said with smiling eyes.
Yes, please! Dating archaeological deposits.

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