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Dating advice should i call him.
He tosses the sheets aside, the linen making a soft thwap when they land at the foot of the bed.
A minuscule amount of sunlight manages to peek underneath his thick curtains, allowing a few rays to dance upon his carpet.
That would explain why his limbs feel heavy.
He leans over to snatch his phone from the nightstand.
Checking the log reveals the call to have come from Calypso.
4:30 pm glares at him from the corner of his phone.
Why must he be up so early? He hits redial, listening to it ring.
With his enhanced hearing he doesn’t have to hold it up to his ear, and he allows his head to fall back to the pillow, pressing his cheek into the soft material.
She answers after the third ring, her smooth accent pouring from the speaker.
Afternoon, sleeping beauty.
Why are you calling me so early? His voice is muffled by his pillow.
Just be glad it was me and not the captain.
Her tone holds a hint of annoyance.
Small mercies, I suppose.
He sits up, twisting around to seat himself on the edge of the bed.
With the way she was shouting, I thought everyone would be stone by the time I got to the precinct.
Even her hair was hissing.
Valerian sighs, dragging his fingers through his dark hair.
Calypso giggles.
We’ve got one hell of a case.
Three murders, definitely supernatural.
The bad part is we’re late.
Late? he cuts her off, standing from his bed.
As he heads for his closet to get dressed she fills him in.
Yup, human law enforcement already on scene.
And on top of that, we have to take the rookie with us.
Valerian holds the phone between his ear and shoulder, slipping on a pair of jeans.
The hyperactive werecat? There’s some shuffling through the phone.
Melissa, and she’s a leopard.

She’s also really excited about this.
It’s her first case as a detective, so don’t be harsh.
From what I’ve read of her file, she’s relatively skilled at dissecting crime scenes.
I’ll be there in thirty.
I’ll let the captain know.
The line goes dead, and Valerian pockets his phone.
He throws on a long sleeve navy blue button-up over his t-shirt.
Humans, he hates working with humans.
Mortals always means hiding.
He grabs a beanie, slipping it on to conceal the point of his ears. Dating advice should i call him.

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