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In the right light it shimmered in exactly the same way that a certain other substance shimmers when you let me finish our love making in my favourite way! The icing on the cake was the fact that you’d decided to further treat me during our sensual night and had not worn a bra.
Although not pushing them up into a heaving cleavage the lack of support meant that they moved in the most delicious way when you changed position or gesticulated wildly.
The thin fabric, loose fitting, draped over them exquisitely so it was easily possible to see their shape, fullness and pertness.
The natural way they moved was driving me wild and with your delicate nipples subtly petruding and hardened by the constant stroking of the fabric, I was literally on the edge or dragging you back to the hotel to ravage you hard and passionately.
I wasn’t the only one that was thinking about you erotically that night.
I’d noticed men and a few ladies to, taking sly looks all evening! I didn’t mind at all, in fact it turned me on knowing that they were lusting after someone that was all mine.
It made me smile knowing that behind every longing look was a guy who was almost without doubt wandering what your breasts would look like free from your clothes.
They’d probably even be imaging how good it would feel to be enjoying your naked body and sliding their hardened cocks into the deepest recesses of your body.
Although you’d deliberately dressed to please my pervy fantasies I’d been worried before we’d left that you, looking so sexy, may have become too self-conscious to properly enjoy yourself.
However, maybe it was the fact that we were in a strange city and didn’t know a single soul, or maybe it was that you were allowing yourself to relax, you were obviously feeling liberated.
I’d even go as far to say that I think you seemed to be enjoying it.
I’d noticed how you’re body language had slightly changed.
Were you enjoying being the object of desire? I mean, someone imaging you naked couldn’t do any harm could it? At about half eleven we’d had enough drinks to be losing any care of other people’s desires or dissapprovals. Cam chat free slave.

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